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You’ve just launched your new website. Now what?

Websites are fantastic tools. They can introduce your brand to new customers, reduce customer service requests, and sell products 24/7. But a website is not a static resource. It’s a living, breathing entity that continues to change according to the needs of your users.

To keep your site relevant and secure requires ongoing maintenance. This can be a real challenge for busy site owners. That’s why I developed my monthly website maintenance package. It allows site owners to focus on what they’re best at while I handle the essential (but easily overlooked) backend tasks.

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Website Maintenance:
Essential for Security

Keeping your site software up-to-date and using reliable security software are crucial components of my maintenance package.

Directory Traversal

SQL Injection

Malicious uploads


Authentication Bypass


Most common website attack types in 2020 according to Wordfence

What’s Included in My Maintenance Package

2 Hours Each Month to Fulfill Requests

Monthly Updates to Site Software

Automated Security Scans

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Remote Backups

Monthly Maintenance Reports