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I’m excited to announce my new partnership

After 8 years on my own, I’m excited to announce my new partnership! In late 2017, Dan McCarty, owner of QA Graphics, approached me about teaming up on a joint venture. I immediately saw that this was a great fit.

Since 2006, QA Graphics has been delivering high quality BAS graphics and design services for interactive platforms. Dan and his team already have excellent infrastructure in place for project management and design. Combined with my skills in the web development industry, we can offer our clients a complete digital marketing service.

What’s going to change?

I’ve never had a desire to be a “jack of all trades.” Instead, I want to do one thing really well: web development. That focus has sharpened my skillset but narrowed the type of services I can offer. With this new partnership, the lineup of services that I can offer my clients is greater than it ever has been. From design to development to SEO, we can handle it.


What will stay the same?

I’ll continue to offer the same high quality web development and maintenance services that I always have. Specifically, I’ll continue to build custom WordPress websites for small to medium sized businesses. My day-to-day focus will stay on the security and performance of my clients’ websites.

Custom Development

When we build your site, we take the long view. Your site’s security, performance, and ease of maintenance are paramount to us.

Web Design

To us, design is so much more than “making things look pretty.” We can help you define your brand, and we’ll never overlook the importance of usability and performance.


Attracting visitors is one of the biggest challenges for new site owners. We have the experience and skills to make your site launch a success.

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